We’re a top-tier content production studio for the platform age

Founded in 2014, our journey began as a media platform dedicated to curating impactful content across multiple channels for the South Asian audience in 5 languages. From thought-provoking documentaries shedding light on hidden realities to captivating animations, infographics, and in-depth articles, we approached every content format with a creative storytelling approach.

We have evolved from a media platform into a top-tier content production studio, bringing a decade of experience. Our team excels in best practices for every major platform and specializes in creating platform-specific content for global brands and agencies at scale, across diverse formats such as captivating social media graphics, dynamic Instagram Reels, and compelling animation explainers.

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Meet the Team

Mustafa Kassim

Founder & CEO
Roar Global

Prash Balakrishnan

Chief Commercial Officer
Roar Global

Vandana Hiranand

Associate Creative Director
Roar Media

Kris Thomas

Associate Content Director
Roar Media

Tharsan Ranjan

Manager - Client Partnerships
Roar Media

Gazy Hussain

Senior Account Manager
Roar Media

We are a Roar Global Company!

Roar Global empowers brands to unlock their growth potential on major platforms, such us Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. As a platform services company, we offer a suite of solutions designed to accelerate business growth and ensure success in the digital economy.

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